March 2020 progress

Here are some recent developments on the New Terminal project at Kansas City International Airport

• There are currently over 2,100 deep foundation piles in place. When complete, Kansas City area-based Berkel & Company will have installed over 2,700 piles for the terminal structure and elevated roadway.

• The first slab-on-grade concrete pours are complete and will form the foundation for one of six mechanical rooms that will house the structure’s HVAC and electrical components. JE Dunn crews are also using concrete buckets and cranes to pour the first five concrete columns for the New Terminal.

• As summer approaches, crews will continue concrete foundation operations, and commence constructing the elevated roadway to the future departures level of the headhouse, as well as mass site grading for the new parking garage. Steel erection will begin in late spring, forming the structural skeleton for the New Terminal.