Build KCI - Future Animation

Future KCI


Passenger experience

Travelers will be impressed by the wide-open spaces the moment they enter the terminal. Light and airy with a Kansas City feel, including our signature fountains, the new KCI single terminal is a very different journey than before.

The new garage is adjacent to the terminal with plenty of close-in, covered parking. There are now two levels, one for departures and one for arrivals, with clear wayfinding and sightlines. Two moving walkways expedite transfers between the two concourses to make navigating the airport a better experience, and consolidated and flexible security checkpoints with multiple lanes accommodate the ups and downs of passenger volume.


The new KCI Airport single terminal features the kinds of options and amenities travelers have come to expect in large metropolitan airports. KCI Airport has transformed from a drop-off airport into a destination worth exploring. Among the many improvements are:

  • Central customer service helpdesks
  • Airfield views
  • Inclusive play area
  • Nursing mothers rooms
  • Service animal relief areas
  • Military USO
  • Gracious crowd circulation
  • Art installations
  • Flexibility for future changes
  • Dedicated commercial curb space for taxis, rideshares, city transit and shuttles