First Airline Gate Fit Check Test

On August 15, the Build KCIKCI team conducted the first Gate Fit Check of the New Terminal at Kansas City International Airport, with a little help from a Disney Pixar Toy Story-themed Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-800 airliner! Done well in advance of a terminal opening, the Gate Fit Check simulates all the activities that take place at an operational gate from the time an aircraft arrives to the time the aircraft is pushed for departure. The check can ensure aircraft parking apron design and layout meet all the safety and accessibility requirements of the carrier, and allows them to position and aircraft at a gate to “test drive” boarding bridge connection, fueling, catering, baggage handling, etc. To avoid any potential conflict with construction operations and for safety purposes, the check was conducted outside of normal jobsite hours. Future checks will include other airlines and aircraft types. The team will evaluate the results of the check and determine what needs, if any, should be addressed. The team loves those climate-controlled glass passenger boarding bridges! The New Terminal is still on budget and on time for an early 2023 opening!