Public Art Program

Second Round of Artists Chosen for Kansas City International Airport New Terminal Public Art More info.

First Four Artists Chosen for Kansas City International Airport New Terminal Public Art More info.

CALL FOR ARTISTS (click for more info)Apply to Public Art Calls at KCI Airport.

ARTIST INFORMATION SESSIONS – Virtual Artist Information Sessions are held to educate artists, art teams and art fabricators about opportunities for upcoming public art commissions for the future New Single Terminal and Parking at Kansas City International Airport. Register for Concourse A and B wall-based art infosessions HERE.

Watch the Concourses wall-based art RFP info-session recordings:
Art at KCI: RFP Concourse A and B – KCAC CoffeeTalk:  Saturday, May 8, 2021
Art at KCI: KCMO business filing how-to for Artists – KC Bizcare:  Wednesday, May 12, 2021
Art at KCI: Concourse A and B wall-based art RFP Info-session:  Saturday, May 15, 2021
Art at KCI: Concourse A and B wall-based art RFP Info-session with Studios Inc:  Wednesday, May 26, 2021

You can watch earlier recorded sessions here (note: these RFQs are now closed):
RFQs Rollout 2:  January 9 and January 6, 2021
RFQs Rollout 1:  October 28 and October 31, 2020

TIMELINE – View the progress of the public art program for the new terminal project


Where can I find general information?
For information regarding the KCMO 1% Public Art Program, you can visit To learn about the Municipal Art Commission, click here. You can also subscribe to project notifications by signing up here. General information about Public Art can be found here, courtesy of the Public Art Network.

What will the new terminal and garage look like and where is the art located?
Visit the BuildKCI gallery for terminal and parking garage renderings. Download the art location heat map here.

What is the One Percent for Art budget for KCI artwork and what does it fund?
The One Percent for Art budget for The New Terminal and Parking Garage at KCI is 5.6 million dollars. It will fund new permanent works of art commissioned for the New Single Terminal and Parking Garage at KCI.

What is the difference between an RFQ and an RFP?
An RFQ is a “Request for Qualifications”: an application process that asks artists interested in a commission to submit information about their experience, previous work, and other forms of evidence of their eligibility and ability to create a public artwork.

An RFP is a “Request for Proposals”: a detailed application that asks artists to develop and submit their ideas for a commission in order to contract work for a project. In this case, only shortlisted artists will be asked to submit RFPs.

I’m an artist, can I submit my work to the airport for consideration?
Yes. Once the RFQ is live, the application process will begin, following the City of Kansas City, MO One Percent for Art procedures.

Can I submit proposals for my artwork idea?
At this stage, only an RFQ (Request for Qualifications) application is required. If you/your art team are selected as a semi-finalist, you will move to the RFP (Request for Proposals) phase and have the opportunity to present your concept sketches and plans for artwork.

How should I prepare for the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) process?
Create an account on the Call For Entry “CaFE” website. Choose “Artist Signup” and follow the directions to get started.

STEP 1: My Portfolio. Upload work samples.

STEP 2: Apply to Calls. Search calls and apply.

STEP 3: Checkout. Complete and checkout.

Can I apply to more than one location?
Yes, you may apply for as many RFQ locations as you like. Each location will need to be a separate application through, as there will be separate Selection Panels reviewing them. Also, keep in mind, your letter of interest may need to be edited slightly for each location to help the Selections Panels better understand your art/team/vision/process and how that may fit best within each location.

Can I submit existing artwork or only new work?
This One Percent for Art Call for Artists is for new site-specific work created to best fit each KCI location. Note: only during the RFP phase will concepts for artwork be required.

I’m an artist and want to be involved with the airport art process, but I don’t have large-scale public art experience.
There will be multiple opportunities available to submit artworks for consideration in other areas including still to be determined rotating art, displays and exhibits. Partnerships with multiple artists and/or fabrication studios with experience are eligible to enter RFQs.

How can I connect with other artists, fabricators or art teams?
We have created a Facebook group for interested artists & fabricators to connect.

Join the New Terminal Art Group HERE:

Note: City of KCMO and/or BuildKCI does not directly partner up teams or facilitate agreements between artists and fabricators.

What is the timeline for airport art to be placed? Have I missed the deadline?
The New KCI Terminal and Garage will be open in March 2023. The chosen artworks will be installed prior to that date in various timelines based on the location and complexity of the installation. The RFQs will be issued in a staggered rollout beginning Fall 2020.  Download the art location heat map with budgets and dates here.

What is the Curation process for the artworks?
The KCMO One Percent for Art Selection process can be found at

Select the “One Percent for Art” tab, download “How KCMO selects public art for One Percent for Art project”

What type of artwork are you considering for the terminal and garage?
For information and examples of other airport public art, review the “Arts & Culture at KCI” online presentation from Spring 2020. It was one way to get informed, comment and discuss the public’s vision for art at the new single terminal and parking garage at KCI.  The online presentation from April 2020 is still viewable by clicking here.

Will music, dance, audio, video and other forms of art be showcased at the new terminal?
Yes, there will be areas specifically designated for a variety of arts offerings. Scheduled arts programming will be coordinated and funded through the airport operating budget, rather than the One Percent for Art program.

Will the artwork in the new KCI terminal and garage feature all local Kansas City artists?
The new KCI Terminal RFQ will be open to international, regional and local artists. Specifics about local and regional opportunities will be included in the RFQ.

I am a for-profit company not an artist, can I apply for the RFQ?
The RFQ eligibility states:

“Professional visual artists, or artist teams, at least 18 years of age are eligible. Demonstrated experience working with diverse community stakeholders is desired. Full-time, permanent City of Kansas City, Missouri employees, project consultants, project contractors, and their employees and sub-contractors are ineligible to apply.”

This particular project is a One Percent for Art through the City of Kansas City Missouri, so professional artists are the main applicants. We recommend that fabricators/designers/other organizations partner with an artist to form an art team to meet eligibility criteria and show a diverse portfolio of work and letter of interest explanation for the Selection Panel to be considered.

What are your expectations for teams of artists? If the team includes an artist, architect, engineer and others, do you want qualifications from only the artist or all the team members?
Please submit your application as a team and list all the members. has an option for team applications. Note that the resume upload only allows for one document, so you may need a multi-page pdf to include each member’s resumes/CV. Include additional information about your team, experience and process in your letter of interest if needed.

What are weight limitations and size requirements for the art locations?
Structural provisions, project specifications and requirements are included within each RFQ.

During the RFP phase artists/art teams will have the opportunity to ask the KCI architects/build team additional questions about structural requirements.

Who are the arts consultants on this project and what do they do?
The owner’s rep and design build team have contracted arts consultants, both local and internationally known, to work closely with the City and stakeholders to help guide the arts program with best practices and efficiency through the process. These consultants are contracted separately from the One Percent for Art budget.

What does “design-build” mean?
Design–build refers to design and construction services that are contracted by a single entity and used to minimize risks for the project owner and to reduce the delivery schedule by overlapping the design phase and construction phase of a project.

Who are the “stakeholders” and what is an “owner’s rep”?
A stakeholder is a person, group or organization that has a vested interest, concern in an organization, can affect and be affected by the organization action, objectives and policies. They are parties with most direct interest of stake in business decisions. The owner’s representative is a company (in this case, Paslay Management Group) or individual hired by the owner (Kansas City Aviation Department) to manage and execute a design and construction project on their behalf.

Where can I find details about this project and process if I have ideas and comments?
An online “Arts and Culture at KCI” community presentation and survey was held through April 2020 to share information, describe the process, discuss options and brainstorm ideas from arts organizations and the local community. Although the survey is closed, you can still click here to access the virtual presentation.

How can I be informed of the next KCMO RFQs and updates?
Subscribe to City of KCMO public art information email list visit and choose “Public Art Opportunities”.

I have questions about Art at KCI, who do I contact?
Please send questions and inquiries to